As a business owner you know the value of knowledge.  You are an expert in the business you are managing. You know the service you are providing or item you are selling like no one else. But did you know that there are tax deductions available to you that can save you thousands of dollars?

You'll discover how you too can take advantage of these deductions. From equipment and software expenses to home office deductions and travel costs, tax deductions are all around us, waiting to be utilized.

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Odila Lopez

About the author

Meet Odila Lopez, an experienced accounting professional with over 20 years of expertise in corporate America.

Throughout her career, Odila has specialized in accounts payable, handling invoices and payments
She has worked with 1099s, vendors, and businesses, while also collaborating with the IRS on various matters such as starting new businesses and adhering to regulations. Building departments from the ground up and implementing efficient processes have been key aspects of her successful career.

Odila's proficiency extends beyond accounts payable, as she has worked in diverse areas of the accounting function, including billing, accruals, budgeting, and collaborating with auditors.

Her breadth of experience led her to establish her own business, Lopez Tax Relief, with the aim of assisting regular individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in leveraging the tax code to the fullest extent.

Given her extensive background and unwavering dedication, Odila Lopez is the perfect author to guide content creators on how they can cut down on taxes. Her expertise and passion ensure that readers will gain valuable insights into maximizing their tax savings

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